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Registration & Incorporation

Registration refers to the process of officially registering a company with the relevant government agency.

Tax Filing & Compliances

Tax filing and compliance refers to the process of preparing and submitting tax returns to the relevant tax authorities, as well as meeting the requirements of tax laws and regulations.

Accounting & Book Keeping

Accounting involves the preparation of financial statements, such as the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement, which provide a snapshot of a company’s financial position and performance.

Business Licences

A business license is a permit or authorization issued by a government agency that allows a company to legally operate within a specific jurisdiction.

Loan Services

Loan services refer to the provision of financial loans to individuals or businesses.

Start Up Benefits & Other Consultancy

A startup is launched to evolve an idea with the potential for significant business opportunity and impact.

Legal Drafting

Legal drafting is the process of creating a written document, such as a contract, statute, or regulation, that sets out the terms and conditions of a legal agreement or governs a particular area of law.

Insurance Service & Financial Planning

Insurance services and planning refer to the process of evaluating an individual or organization’s insurance needs and selecting appropriate insurance coverage to meet those needs.

Business Market Services

Business marketing and IT services refer to the combination of marketing and technology services that are offered to help businesses reach their goals.